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Dear All - Dear ERASMUS-Students,

at first Welcome to the new/experimental courses!

It would be important (in order to have a better logistics for the gamified actions) to know about the following (personal) characteristics (in advance) - of course, only in the case if you agree with answering to the following questions (c.f. GDPR:-)


1. Will you have one/more devices (like smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) during the whole meetings (Wednesdays)? If YES, which kind of devices?

2. Did you already (succesful) connected to the WIFI-services of the university with the devices you will have during the meetings (Wednesdays)?

3. What kind of nickname/username would you use (in order to work online in an anonymized way)?

4. Do you have already a favorite title/topic (e.g. title/topic of the final paper/thesis)? If YES, what kind of keywords are characteristical for these phenomena?

5. Female/Male

6. Age

7. Hobby

8. Country

9. Why did you choose this/these course(s)?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

Laszlo Pitlik