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Distance education as a kind of critical education operation and its IT-relevant aspects, or preparation for a dual education

Leading article: 2020. October (MIAU No. 266.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 265.)

Keywords: cyber-university, quality management, transparency, GDPR

Abstract: The COVID-related situations present nowadays that a distance (hybridized) educational operation is The Critical Operation within the educational services as such. The basic problem is if the Students can not always realize the promised/expectable educational services/performances at all or just in (space and/or time) unpredictable lower (voice/video) quality causing to massive damages of the equality of chances. The lack of the service quality can lead to legal discussions. The distance education has two relevant pillars: the didactics and the IT. Didactics means how can a teacher become a good showman if s/he can not have any direct influence to the Students. The IT layer means how should we use the technology in an effective, efficient way as part of the planned didactical effects. In an ideal case the lecturers never need any support neither on the field of the didactics nor IT-related. Good lecturers has a fine consciousness for qualitative video-stream (they are feeling continuously the possibilities and/or limitations of cameras, microphones) and parallel, they are prepared for each possible disastrous situation and they can e.g. switch at once to a well-prepared laptop and mobile-internet-connection if the institutional resources are not given suddenly. In a normal case, a lecturer needs different supports. The core business of the lecturer is namely the preparation of the needed knowledge elements and s/he can need didactical and/or technological aids. Such kind of roles can be seen in the normal pedagogy (see pedagogical assistants) or even in the content production (see production assistants) or in the healthcare (nurses vs. doctors). Therefore, it is not irrational to evaluate the necessity of assistants for distance education operations. The assistants should however be prepared for their jobs/tasks as we have fire management, work safety management, quality management in general. If this complex and well-planned preparation system is not given, each person in the role of an assistant can not have the responsibility which should be delegated in an ideal system to the really acting persons/roles. Without a system, each responsibility is by the person, who ordered the “assistants” to be available here or there. The ideal system prescribes what kind of best practices, access rights, reporting tasks, evaluation challenges, exams should be given before somebody can become a real assistant with full responsibility. The so-called best practices should demonstrate what types of problem are existing and how can we identify and solve the given problem through using appropriate access rights. An ideal system should have a substitution layer in case of not expected problems with the HR and it is also worth preparing a two layer system where experts with full access rights can be alarmed if the normal assistants can not solve a problem at once. Without a good system, persons in a seemingly predefined role of an assistant are however rather observers than real assistants – independent from the personal qualification of these observers. This paper tries to demonstrate the complexity needing to handle before a real assistant can be sent to work. This demonstration material is relevant in the preparation of a dual (IT-related) education where universities can also be set into the role of the enterprise as the real enterprises. Universities should be able to present a high-quality operation where daily/real tasks for (IT) Students can be identified, solved in a way that the solution is capable of producing information added-value even if the Students will not deliver performances following the planned schedules and/or the performances will need some finetuning by conductors/teachers... More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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