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The MATARKA-view

Industry 4.0 – Latest challenges for knowledge management – in education (case study about the scientific interpretation of the term 'Good Governance')

Leading article: 2017. September (MIAU No. 229.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 228.)

Keywords: Good Governance, artificial intelligence, term-creation, log-analysis, automation

Abstract: The concept of Good Governance must be operationalized at each level / area. This expectation has an impact on the perception of stakeholders and the automation of all knowledge management elements and processes. The concept of Good is also a dynamically changing idea. It is ideally fine-tuned by self-learning systems where fine-tuning is bound to provide better and better conceptual definition states. A more efficient modeling operation is nothing more than a gradual transition also for modeling science to a world conceptualized by Industry 4.0., in which we need to change people first. Everyone - according to their capabilities - must be prepared for the active co-existence of education with automation. Almost all intuitive human thoughts in science must be converted to source code. According to human interpretation, the concept of Good is subjective in any case, but mechanical (algorithmic) approach objectifies it. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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