+ IBF (Idea-breeding-farm) +

We are proud of this study! close

+ MY-X DVD +

Young members of the MY-X team co-operate successfully with PhD-Students in frame of the conference of Szarvas!

The MY-X team (incl. joung members) participated on the conference 'In memoriam Enyedi György'

Bárdy-Péter-Prize for a member of the MY-X team concerning his innovation potential!

Gábor-Dénes-Prize (special prize for mathematics) for a member of the MY-X team!

Special Prize in Minsk in frame of an essay-competition for a member of the MY-X team concerning a study about reform approches in education!

III. Prize in the Hlavay competition for a member of the MY-X team!

NTP-NFTÖ financial support for a member of the MY-X team!

Successful presentation in TUDOK-competition in Nyíregyháza and later in Székesfehérvár by a member of the MY-X team!

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Project library, knowledge store – or better than the bests before

Leading article: 2018. May (MIAU No. 237.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 236.)

Keywords: standardization, benchmarking, SEO

Projects produce documents because of internal and/or external force fields. The physical storage of documents as such is not relevant, if the descriptions, grouping possibilities of documents are ideal. The minimal number of descriptive attributes can be seen as given based on best practices. The minimal set of attributes should always be exceeded in a new project - involving content-oriented grouping (hierarchy of groups) for building new status variables. If all projects work in the above mentioned way (using each other as a kind of benchmark – needing to exceed), then a catalogue of the rational attributes will be completed step by step in future and exploring new attributes will be hardly impossible. The quasi standardized catalogue of the potential attributes makes possible to minimize search resources for quasi arbitrary users. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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