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Kecskemét-Conference about Innovation: presentation of the 2DM-game!

MMO 2018 conference: the best presentation of the session (award for 2DM) + the best publication of the session (award for Rosling-animations)!

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The MATARKA-view

Consistence-oriented hybridization of models in case of seemingly trivial technical phenomena

Leading article: 2018. July (MIAU No. 239.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 238.)

Keywords: similarity analysis, logic, rule

Abstract: A specific case of the model hybridization is: analyzing partial conclusion spaces and integration of partial results based on statistics, logic/rules, and models. The aggregation of partial result for partial problems can be made in quasi unlimited ways. The more complex is the term of consistence behind the aggregation of partial results, the more chance can be expected for the success of the hybridization. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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