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The MATARKA-view

Responsibility - The bridge between the robot-cars & the criminal justice

Leading article: 2019. February (MIAU No. 246.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 245.)

Keywords: similarity-driven analyses, norm-like behaviours, anti-discriminative models, robot-judges

Abstract: Criminal justice has to explore responsibilities for specific anomalies concerning the human behaviours. Responsibility can be interpreted as a kind of causal connection between not expected impacts and human activities before – even if it is a kind of reckless endangerment committed during the line of duty by a human expert. Big-data-oriented approaches have a wider scope for the term of crime: crimes are all anomalies against a valid rule system where rule systems can be declarative or non-declarative ones. Robot-cars have a high-level complexity compared to each other robot-like constructions, therefore the robot-cars can be seen as an ideal object to explore changes concerning responsibility constellations/interpretations of affected human beings (c.f. personal responsibility vs. chained responsibility). In the rel. near future, the anomalies in the human-driven quality management should be interpreted as one of the most important responsibilities and therefore as one of the most relevant crime-sources against the whole society. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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