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The MATARKA-view

Innovation-driven vs. science-oriented 'Best Student Papers' in Hungary

Leading article: 2019. December (MIAU No. 256.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 255.)

Keywords: innovation, innovativity, innovation potential, innovation policies, talent management, enterprise development

Abstract: This article tries to define the phenomena of TDK and IDK compared to each other and based on a lot of parallel interpretations in order to identify potential risks behind of the good will. The innovative and the scientific activities should be interpretable in a parallel way because it is possible to create documents having a deep scientific characteristics without any sign of real innovation potentials and vice versa: where trivial (not scientific enough) ideas are integrated into real business processes but with huge financial success. Of course, it is also possible to create papers where the scientifically good idea could be transferred to the business in a successful way. At least, there are papers where neither scientific characteristics nor innovation attributes can be identified – these can be signed as artistic performances (c.f. dissemination of knowledge / popularising science). It is to expect (based on the clarified terms) that more and more papers will be created where the innovative characteristics are in focus. This idea was presented and accepted first in an informal way by the Commission for Innovation and Research of the Hungarian Rector’s Conference. The needed innovative characteristics are real target groups, real utility based on increasing efficiency. The innovation is a kind of useful difference compared to the standard practices. The innovative potential from performances of Students is relevant for the whole society. The focus on really innovative processes are capable of catalysing the personal development of the authors towards becoming a business (wo)man. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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