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The MATARKA-view

HTML+JAVASCRIPT programming – case study for beginners based on the principle of the code-integration

Leading article: 2020. September (MIAU No. 265.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 264.)

Keywords: just-in-time-knowledge management

Abstract: The paper (this case study) tries to serve two parallel aims: both the preparation of the dual educations on the field of the IT and the support processes of non-IT-related beginners needing progress in programming. The case study presents a process where an exactly defined task should be finalized from the first character of the source code to a functioning solution. This quasi learning process is an autodidact experiment where already existing codes should be integrated and finetuned. Fortunately, puzzle-elements and test environments can be easily identified online for HTML and/or JAVASCRIPT source-codes. The Readers will be introduced into a world where good questions lead to good puzzle-elements and finetuning strategies. How it is possible to find the proper keywords? It is relatively easy: practice makes perfect. Relevant question is whether beginners are capable of questioning in an appropriate way? Is this paper enough to support the beginners working in an autodidact way on the field of the lifelong learning? More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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