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Kecskemét-Conference about Innovation: presentation of the 2DM-game!

MMO 2018 conference: the best presentation of the session (award for 2DM) + the best publication of the session (award for Rosling-animations)!

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The MATARKA-view

The Video-Bridge project - a sophisticated frame for rural controlling and strategic planning

Leading article: 2010. January (MIAU No. 137.) - Pitlik László (MIAU) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 136.)

In this article a special (quite universal) learning content should be described in order to show a new logic for rural communities to explore their real chances and the risks of arbitrary human ideas. This new approach can be transferred to the local players through video-bridges effectively. With the help of the video-bridge, decision makers (and their staff being responsible for preparation of decisions) will be able to support their intuitive (therefore not proven but mostly enormous sensitive = best practice long since) capabilities with facts and analyses of these. (More)

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