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The MATARKA-view

COCO-RISK: risk management in similarity analyses

Leading article: 2010. March (MIAU No. 139.) - Pitlik László (MIAU) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 138.)

The similarity analysis defined the risk as a type of objective error of models. If subjective parts of learning patterns can be chosen (e.g. patterns only with positive or negative conclusions) and estimation will be derived on the base of these partial patterns, then the risk-aversion and risk-preference can be integrated into the modeling approach. Unfortunately the re-legitimation of subjective parameter-settings in learning processes lead back to the well-known problem: the future is basically independent from the behavior of decision makers according to risks. On other hand the totally/seemingly subjective risk management can be linked to the instinctive/heuristic processes of living creatures (defined by Konrad Lorenz). The human intuition is the most complex force field of decision making. The article shows, how the phenomena of the already established risk management (decision theory) can be involved into the similarity analyses. (more)

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