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The MATARKA-view

Dissemination of new methodologies for cybernetical controlled organisations

Leading article: 2011. May (MIAU No. 153.) - Pitlik László et al. (MIAU) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 152.)

The basis of new approaches can be ensured through establishing (philosophical) schools. There were by now 2 generations (1995-2000 and 2005-2010), who was educated according to the new methodologies. They all work for the dissemination of these methodologies. The most important keywords of the new approaches are: structured thinking, fact-based objectivity, discovering innovation incl. proving concepts/ideas, effectivity, automation, forecasting. The dissemination of these theses bring a lot of problems: fortunately the lack of motivation is the less hurdle. There are other aspects making future business difficult: functional illiterate, lack of sovereignty in time management and basic IT-knowledge. Yet, in the spring semester (2011) we could coinage together with students new services: databases and marketable analyses based on them. There is no real obstacles to manage organisations in a cybernetic way!(More)

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