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BME-ETDK-1. place (incl. OTDK-access-right) with a study supported by the MY-X team!

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QuILT: distance education with avatars in English!

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Kecskemét-Conference about Innovation: presentation of the 2DM-game!

MMO 2018 conference: the best presentation of the session (award for 2DM) + the best publication of the session (award for Rosling-animations)!

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The MATARKA-view


Leading article: 2012. Januar (MIAU No. 161.) - Pitlik László (MIAÚ) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 160.)

Documents in our private, civil life or the same in enterprises and governmental aspects have always a lot of subjective elements (words, expressions). On the other hand the public use of online databases reached already the critical level, where the content and the accessibility are good enough to ensure the practising of data-driven policy making strategies. Therefore this type of spontaneous way of thinking lost their previous value increasingly. The Reader needs the safety more and more, the written/spoken expressions are based on proven fundaments. Words may be only used, if we are able through the given databases to derive the message hiding among the phases. We have always to proof, whether the known databases make possible, to declare values in the handled topic. The touristic destination management (TDM) and their information system (IS) are now in planning phase. The documentation (being accessible below) offers a view into a living project with the objective: increasing of awareness on the field of nowadays mood-driven and rhetoric-driven word-choosing. This increasing of awareness potential is not autotelic: the finding for real navigation parameters are blinkers, the blinkers of the sustainability! (More)

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