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The MATARKA-view

Wind-chill on the market, or creating a new method for forecasting

Leading article: 2012. March (MIAU No. 163.) - Pitlik László (MIAÚ) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 162.)

Everybody knows the terms 'temperature' and 'wind-chill'. The temperature is an objective measureable one; however the wind-chill (the feeling of temperatures) is a subjective phenomenon. The wind-chill could be seen as the perception/embodiment of the intuition. The wind-chill is the aggregation of each input in the observer. In the background of the wind-chill should always be a model (integrating the impacts of the input channels). The wind-chill can also be interpreted in the music: monotonous sounds have a new message (lead to a new feeling) after each repeating phase. Finally the wind-chill as a type of feelings can be founded again on markets: constant prices in an environment characterised through continuous changes will also be received as relative advantage or even relative disadvantage compared to the waving of the price structure about them. (More)

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