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The MATARKA-view

Country profiles - as never before

Leading article: 2012. April (MIAU No. 164.) - Pitlik László (MIAÚ) -
(Previous article: MIAU No. 163.)

Countries are always scored based on naive equivalence systems. Less complex figures make visible the connection between two variables (e.g. GDP and R&D-expenditures). The least complex evaluations show ranking values based on a single variable. Operative and strategic decision making can not use these possibilities without massive risks of misunderstanding. SWOT-analyses (based on automated similarity analyses) can ensure a more detailed exploration of real force fields behind simple, unique facts. The study about research and development expenditures try to make this detailed figure based on the globalisation indicators of EUROSTAT for the years 2007-2010 and for 27 EU countries. Three profiles will be displayed: DE, SK, HU. The system-theoretical approach shows, that the static good statistical facts have an inverse evaluated norm value-set in the background. (More in English), (More in Hungarian), (XLS-demo), (PPT)

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