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The MATARKA-view

Human experimentations or new interpretation of the intuition potential

Leading article: 2014. September (MIAU No. 193.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 192.)

Keywords: stress-test, questionnaires, intuition test, profiling, development of personality, subjective interpretation of time series, 2D-patterns and complex visual impulses (like web pages), Night of Researchers 2014

The intuition is a kind of fountainhead being essential for human problem solving. The intuition is able to formulate expectation about future of time series delivering decision supports every moment. The intuition is also able to interpret 2D (3D) clouds of pixels supporting classification issues. The intuition makes possible to create answers in case of questionnaires and therefore it makes also possible to explore hidden layers in the human behavior patterns. The intuition generates evaluations in case of variations of complex phenomena (like contextual/visual effects of web sites, or smells and tastes). Each of our logged reactions let derive signs/suspicions of stress (where the stress is probably the most original layer of the intuition). In case of humans having an intuition potential in a relative low level, it seems to be worth learning about structuring of minds. In case of humans characterizing through stress-elements, the appropriate forms of prevention strategies should be practiced. The interactions between conscious and unconscious intuition forms will not be handled here... More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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