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The MATARKA-view

Mathematics of multiculturalism, or from 'magic of words' towards robot-experts

Leading article: 2015. May (MIAU No. 201.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 200.)

Keywords: artificial intelligence for term-creation, similarity analysis, tautology in modelling, unnecessary words, OOO (objectivity, operacionalism, optimizing)

Abstract: The multiculturalism is a word, what cannot be measured in a direct way. Each similar expression is just existent through the flexibility of the human brain. Probably, the human languages work with more words, than necessary (it means: artificial intelligence based algorithms would need fewer words to describe the same reality). The robotized model building tries to transform the results of human intuitions into source code based on other results of the human intuitions. These processes follow the parallel principles of OOO (objectivity, operacionalism, optimizing). The article demonstrates the theoretical and practical connections between the 'magic of words' and the mathematics based on each section name and on the title of each article being involved into the sessions of the whole conference...
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