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The MATARKA-view

Integrated systems for teaching/learning - a development from li-T-le team

Leading article: 2015. August (MIAU No. 204.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 203.)

Keywords: expert system, robotizing, optimizing, innovation, artificial intelligence

Abstract: The li-T-le Team was initialized and established in 2015. One of the objectives of this inter-institutional research group is the integration of three modules (the methodology of the life-tailored-learning, the Educontrol Expert System and the methodology of the similarity analysis) aiming to robotize the conceptions of the life-tailored-learning and the evaluation process of the Educontrol System. The life-tailored-learning is a competence-oriented methodology and it supports the planning of learning contents and processes in the education of adult persons. The optimization of learning content- and process-elements based on the individual circumstances of each person can ensure a responsibility-oriented success control in the andragogy. The STEP21 is a complex knowledge management conception. The Educontrol Expert System is its specific approach for education processes with monitoring, diagnostic, evaluation, coaching layers. The Educontrol System can be also used in an online way. Both systems are open towards automation. The similarity analysis supports the increasing of objectivity and efficiency in the information processing based on artificial intelligence layers. The three force fields are capable of controlling each other. Therefore and finally a flexible, customized system will be created, supporting teaching and learning processes from identification of real objectives through objective evaluations to certification of learning success. Based on these force fields, qualitative knowledge can be produced. The classic/heuristic knowledge management (representation and processing) will be completed through innovative techniques (like intuition- / term-generating) in a deep operationalized way. The li-T-le Team presents the common concept and the expected results.
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