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The MATARKA-view

The M-AI-SIC tool, or gamification possibilities for M-U-SIC learning based on Artificial Intelligence

Leading article: 2015. November (MIAU No. 207.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 206.)

Keywords: robot, modelling, radio theatre, simulation, human-machine interaction

Abstract: The M-AI-SIC tool has 1+5 parts. The frame (1) module is always a radio theater story (RTS) including arbitrary simulator/game-modules (now 5). The first RTS-frame got created 2014 and within a year more than 4000 people used it successfully in an adult education targeting competencies for information society. The test-story shows which type of knowledge elements can be involved usefully into daily IT-hacker activities. The RTS-module has 1+10+1 submodules: the introduction (1), the lessons (10), and the finalizing (1). The first and final submodules (1-1) are obligatory, the lesson-modules (10) can be seen from point of view of the gamification both as motivation (accessing before the modules) and reward (after successful closing of modules). The dramatic layers in RTS play with sex-brutal-humor-effects and operate with real tasks and solutions approximating gamification logics. For music education it should be developed as appropriate new stories in the future - focusing on the main content-elements of the education objectives.
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