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Young members of the MY-X team co-operate successfully with PhD-Students in frame of the conference of Szarvas!

The MY-X team (incl. joung members) participated on the conference 'In memoriam Enyedi György'

Bárdy-Péter-Prize for a member of the MY-X team concerning his innovation potential!

Gábor-Dénes-Prize (special prize for mathematics) for a member of the MY-X team!

Special Prize in Minsk in frame of an essay-competition for a member of the MY-X team concerning a study about reform approches in education!

III. Prize in the Hlavay competition for a member of the MY-X team!

NTP-NFTÖ financial support for a member of the MY-X team!

Successful presentation in TUDOK-competition in Nyíregyháza and later in Székesfehérvár by a member of the MY-X team!

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Experimental hermeneutics based on the MTMT-database as a big-data issue

Leading article: 2016. Februar (MIAU No. 210.)
(Previous article: MIAU No. 209.)

Keywords: robot-analyst, automated diagnostics, hermeneutics, information value-added

Abstract: The MTMT-database a potential big-data phenomenon. Its social impact (information values-added) can only be realized, if appropriate resources will be involved into the analytical activities comparing to the resources used for data collection. In the article such kind of analytical processes got described, which can be automated in a holistic way including the concerned hermeneutics. Therefore the diagnoses can be derived based on robots. More (DOC) *** More (PDF)

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