+ IBF (Idea-breeding-farm) +

We are proud of this study! close

+ MY-X DVD +

BME-ETDK-1. place (incl. OTDK-access-right) with a study supported by the MY-X team!

2 BPROF-Students (1. semester): 1. and 2. places (ETDK) + OTDK-access rights!

QuILT: distance education with avatars in English!

More and more qualitative studies in English from Students of the international courses!

The Liebig-rule is available in the traffic!

Kecskemét-Conference about Innovation: presentation of the 2DM-game!

MMO 2018 conference: the best presentation of the session (award for 2DM) + the best publication of the session (award for Rosling-animations)!

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The Journal MIAU has been working for 20+ years as a kind of public service!
The MATARKA-view

MIAU e-learning services 1998-2012

For 11 years MIAU supports the learning procedures through more and more e-services. The range of these services is definitely wider as the similar functionality of the common offers (like moodle). (more)

Sevice URL Date Description
MY-X DVD URL 2012- Supporting interpretation/learning processes of fables through test questions created by Students
EGO (online expert system tool) URL 2009- Supporting structured description of (in text predefined or in head of the expert fuzzy formed) human knowledge for self-controll in learning phases
MIAÚ logical trees (planning: 1 of n) URL 2009 Arbitrary logical labyrinths for supporting explanation processes (later: visualization by genealogical trees or own programs like multilayer content-lists)
MIAU labyrinth URL 2005 Arbitrary logical labyrinths / based on the idea of SAP LSO / actice bitmap / hindering offline manipulations (supported by a tender)
MIAU e-library URL continuously Keyword search / topical folder from relevant files (private financed)
OSIRIS library URL 2004- folder systems (supported by MoA)
MIAU WIKI cyclopaedia URL 2005- history, ontology, definition, inconsistency, test-modules
MIAU WIKI Studies URL 2005- pre-defined, standardized structure,experts system, similarity analysis incl. XLS-background and corrections
MY-X Factor-Y online analysis (free) URL 2006- Frame for Y0, COCO, STEP-IX, COCS, MCM-modules
MY-X Factor-Y tests (free) URL 2008- Javascript-based test with explanations
Online tests (moodle) URL 2006- Moodle-test for automated evaluations
MIAU News for regular, distance education + TIR, MYX-FREE news continuously Important theories, results cronoligical edited
OLAP demo URL 2006- Data-assets for studies
Online expert systems URL 2002- Knowledge transfer from texts to online dialogs
OLAP add-ons URL 2009- Offline support for filtering
Robot-experts URL 2009-... Complex model for knowledge transfer
... ... ... ...

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