Introduction: 0. level: Overview

Keywords: similarity analysis, object comparison, public procurement, forecasting, modelling, online data mining, CBR (case-based reasoning), machine learning, benchmarking, OLAP, online expert systems, knowledge management, knowledge acquisition, automation, cosmosofy, meta-theory, game-theory, network theory, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, virtualization, outsourcing, green computing, mashup, cloud computing, shared_grid_distributed computing, high performance computing, sustainability, equilibrium, consistency, fact-based policy making (c.f. NKTH in Hungary)

Motto: ''Breathe a lie into the air, let loose a slanderous tongue - and the words are carried as by magic to the farthest corners. Speak a truth, perform a generous and honest act - and unseen powers will be at work at once to try to hide this tiny ray of light and hope.'' (Graham B.)

Welcome to the multilingual and online services for (public) procurement and forecasting! Hereby You can see the first steps of the web 3.0 including online expert systems and online similarity analysis tools. Based on these services You can make decision or calculate forecasting more efficient and more transparent than before.
The development was supported by the INNOCSEKK (programming and online procurement) and the Baross Gábor (applications) innovation programs and by OTKA (methodology and tutorial) in Hungary.
This (limited) version can be used free. These services were provided (first of all) for the Students of SZIE Gödöllő in order to support their education on the field of business informatics and data mining.
If you may need some further information, please, do not hesitate to write us an email, or please, use the help and advising modules directly. Have a successful trial and error phase in this future-tool!
(Languages can be chosen, if You set the preferred language in the first position in your browser.)

The next items make possible to collect/complete the background information about our motivations for the development. You can find the descriptions of preferred project roles and the potential utilities using these tools. There are lists available: for appropriate literature, reference applications, OLAP-demo databases, project descriptions. If You begin to feel the new potentials, You can easy cover your IT-costs (basing an more efficient knowledge transfer):