What can be the ???-cell?

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Further challenges?
You can solve the following IQ-test (intuition! quotient) in diverse situations (e.g. before/after eating, wellness activities, stress), in order to see, how correct (and how stable) you can handle complex decision problems on an instinctive way:
At first you should make an overview about existing case studies in MIAU-WIKI and you should choose e.g. 10 topics. After that, you can open the given XLS-file (see: source). Based on each OAM matrix (including primer or ranking values) you can instinctive derive an object having the best price/performance ratio. In the XLS-file you can find always the calculated solutions. By MY-X FREE modules you can re-calculate these jobs.
If the instinctive and calculated winners are present, you can compare them as now prescribed: you can realize 1 point if your option and the calculated one are the same. If you took one object having equilibrium between the price and the performances, then the amount of points remain the same. If you choose one of the objects with not preferable price/performance ratio, then you lost 1 point.
May you have a sum of the point over 2 then you are a quite instinctive man. Under 2 points you have to accept, that your intuition does not really stable and you should look after partners having high values in this special IQ-test.

Have a nice period through this game! It is worth having deep knowledge about yourself...

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