Help: 0. level: Overview

The help of the MY-X is a multi-level service package. In frame of the MY-X FREE, only certain elements of these services are available with full functionality yet...
In the future (after the full integration of MIAU and MY-X), the Help, which was completed, checked, and reformed in all of its aspects, and is continuously maintained, will provide support for the most frequently asked questions, and it will give a complex lexicon-like support for the technical terms (keywords). Besides that, the fast access of the related files are supported by news- and document-group views, and by special search options. The Moodle-based e-learning modules help to learn also alone. The online labyrinth modules (which can be planned didactical deep and correct) help in the form of multi-level question/answer systems, and supports different levels of knowledge. (More)

List of the HELP-modules: