Sitemap without the combinatorial structure of the advising modules and without the menus of the analyse modules

The following list contains each service element ensuring fast changes between levels and services, but the background structures of the expert systems for advising were not included in order to keep the transparency.
The advising tools have basically a simple linear structure with short legs for clearing some specialties.
The MY-X FREE tools do not have any searching services. It might seem as hardly necessary. The logical paths can be misunderstood, if they will be gone only partially (beginning at an identified keyword).
In order to ensure the necessary transparecy, the menu items in the analysis modules could not be vizualized in detail.

The following levels and titles are identical to the text versions in the menu:

Small menu

Introduction: 0. level: Overview//Introduction


Analysis: 0. level: Overview//List of modules

Advising: 0. level: Overview//List of expert systems

Services of MY-X Factor-Y//Help

Services of MY-X Factor-Y//Sitemap
Services of MY-X Factor-Y//Email
Services of MY-X Factor-Y//News
Services of MY-X Factor-Y//Setting languages
Services of MY-X Factor-Y//Partners


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