Recommended topics for students and for course participants

TypeTargeted groupTopicDate
Judiciary topicsISZAM2List2009.V.24.
Similarity analysisHRList2009.III.18.
Similarity analysisGVAMComparing potential actions in the rural development based on their caused changes and the sum of the costs2009.III.04.
Similarity analysisGVAMComparing countries/regions based on statistics: Is the amount of tourism activities (or the ratio of agricultural employees) high or low in opposite to other objects?2009.III.04.
Similarity analysisBA3Critical aspects and development of the public procurement (more)2009. I. 30.
Similarity analysisBA3Future of the e-commerce basing on automated similarity analyses (startegic vision)2009.I.23.
Similarity analysis*Real estate evaluation (background)2009.I.23.
Similarity analysisHRBest of HR-education: Near to application! (analysis of default in paying)2009.I.19.
Similarity analysis*Micro-biology: the definition of species, estimation of letality/vitality or productivity (more)2009.I.15.
Expert systemBA3, HRCRC, (or contract risk calculation)2009.I.15.
Similarity analysisBA3CEP market segments (logistics)2009.I.15.
Similarity analysisBA3ANNO 2008 (ITBusiness) 73. site: movements on the mobile phone market2009.I.09.

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