SZIE GTK: TATA Centre of Excellence and Insitute of Computer Sciences (TKI)

Through the recent realignment of the faculty the TKI is responsible for the co-ordination of education on the field of computer sciences since 2009. MY-X FREE would like to contribute to the challenges (deriving from the name of the unit) as follows:

  • Strong validation of online services (HTML Tidy, SGML interpreter)
  • OLAP-based data assets management in case of transactions (c.f. schedules) and statistics (c.f. FADN)
  • As well as books/scripts: more and more online expert systems (c.f. how should be made: Studies)
  • Increasing innovation potential of students, step by step more marketable studies, favouring pyramid-based connections (semester-works, diploma-studies, PhD-dissertations, research topics), prefering team-work
  • Supporting research activities of students (cf. ISZAM more than 50% participation)
  • Providing a wide spectrum of online communication (news, libraries, wiki, olap, expert systems, tests, moodle, own e-learning solutions, online analysing tools)
  • Highly integrated knowledge management: OLAP-based online analysis transforming to online expert systems)
  • Multilingual communication in the services (HU, EN, DE) and in the team-works (EN, DE)