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  • you are one of the board-members of the foundation "Healthy Life"
  • the members have to decide about e.g. 100.000 EUR
  • the decision can not be an arbitrary decision
  • there are applications (from the region - following the rules of the founders)
  • the amount of the members is X persons (X>2)
  • the amount of the applications is Y pieces (Y>2)
  • the decision should be made in unison
  • the time for the decision making is limited (Z minutes, where Z<60 minutes)
  • each euro (the whole budget) should be used
  • (reformulation of the task: ranking of the applications including detailed argumentations)

Potential applications (Y=8):

  1. Operation (hip replacement, not urgent but necessary) for 6 women and 12 men for 3000 EUR/person - the youngest person is 52 years old
  2. Operation (not urgent, but affects life quality) for 1 person (woman, 18 years old - handicapped from the birth on) - 10.000 EUR
  3. Operation (urgent, hearth-problem maximal life duration without operation 1 year - after operation ca. 7 years) for 1 woman 51 years old - 20.000 EUR
  4. Operation (urgent, cancer maximal life duration without operation 0.5 year - after operation and long and painful therapy ca. 6 years) for 1 girl 10 years old - 25.000 EUR
  5. Renovation of a dormitory for young doctors supporting they regeneration before/during duty hours (total costs: 50.000 EUR, minimal-project 15.000 EUR)
  6. Conference fees for a famous oncologist incl. initializing a partnership program and donation for the own hospital - 20.000 EUR
  7. New equipment for the oncology department in the regional hospital supporting the early identification of cancers - 21.000 EUR
  8. Prevention program (concerning tuberculosis-filtering) for 130.000 persons - 26.000 EUR