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Keyword: Crime


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Thinking experiment: https://miau.my-x.hu/miau/quilt/crime_v1.xlsx (worksheet "info")

Relevant aspects:

  • How would the crime rate be linked to the density of the population?
  • According to the Interpretation-Expert, the denser is the population, the higher is the crime rate.
  • What is the safest city?
  • Boise and Irvine according to the index. The estimation might give different results if there is no direct data. Nevertheless, the result, might also be similar to the one from the Safety index.
  • Which crime-types should be managed in case of a given city in order to realize the highest safety increasing involving cost-aspects?
  • In Detroit-the city with the lowest level of safety-the murder section has the biggest effect on the positioning of the city. This is the area that needs to be balanced.

Data processing steps:

  • Copying the data into the spreadsheet
  • ...
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