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The fable about the goats and the wise rabbi

Kohn complains to the rabbi that his goats are dying.

- How do you feed them?

- With grain of corn.

- That is the problem. Give them rather some wheat.

In a few days, Kohn complains once again that the goats are still dying, although he feed them with wheat.

- Because you're a donkey/monkey - the rabbi says. - give them grass!

In a couple of days, Kohn complains again that he does feed his goats in vain, if they die.

"You're a stupid dude, why do not you feed them with barley?"

The next day goes Kohn to the wise rabbi, too:

"I tried the barley, but my last goat is now dead!"

- Do you really have not a goat more?

- Not even one.

- It's a pity. I still have so many good ideas ...

(Source: http://www.vicclap.hu/vicc/11224/Rabbi_es_a_libak.html - Robot-voice from Mike: https://www.texttomp3.online/ - c.f. rabbi.mp3 in the common server – ca. 1 minute - https://miau.my-x.hu/miau/quilt/rabbi.mp3)

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