From now on till closing the Neptun-system (2020.VI.27), you have less and less time for completing the final publication in co-operation with the conductors
(the data below are only valid in case of proper local time settings and time zone = Budapest):

QuILT 2.0

...Teach others - based on big-data and solver-oriented AI - Food-Kaleidoscope - The Case Congo...
Storyboard of the radio-theatre
Publication of the Robots (Robot-Historian, Robot-Sociologist, Robot-Journalist)

Radio-Theatre: Phase Nr.1:

Radio-Theatre: Phase Nr.2:

Radio-Theatre: Phase Nr.3:

Radio-Theatre: Phase Nr.4:

Radio-Theatre: Phase Nr.5:

Part Nr.3 - a Robot-Historian about the Cold-War

Part Nr.4 - the Food-Kaleidoscope

Part Nr.5 - ideal and well-known exam-situations