QuILT offers

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General conditions for offers

  • Unlimited offers can be published in arbitrary constructions and time.
  • Offers should support customization of learning parameters.
  • Offer-driven learning is preferred contrary to basic version of credit realization.
  • Offers can also be initiated by Students.
    • Initiated ideas should also be evaluated by at least 3 further Students.
    • Evaluation means: How can be identified connections to the QuILT-system?
  • Offers can be accepted (c.f. contract) and rejected in case of the given conditions (see offer's constraints).
  • Rejected offers can also be chosen at any time (c.f. last minute construction in QuILT).

Offers for credits

Students can choose from the following constructions:

Basic version

  • Description: Reactive Learning (see basic rules below)
  • Valid: for all
  • Registration time: unlimited
  • Permission: not needed
  • Contract:
  • Rules (abstract):
    • Participation on the course (it is not relevant whether on the spot or online)
    • Producing logged activities in the QuILT-system
    • Evaluation of logs by other Students and Conductors

1a offer

1b offer

  • Description: Publication-driven Learning II.
  • Valid: for "early birds" (it means: 2 persons alone or in group)
  • Registration time: during the 1. meeting
  • Permission: if contracting at once
  • Contract: specific conditions (see below)
  • Constraints:
    • Rejecting: At least the automatic translation should be completed before choosing a new offer
    • Text-panels in the javascript should also be translated
    • Logical structure should be followed
  • Rules:
    • The static article should be designed so that the interpretation of the logic of the dynamic test can be understood in an easy way.
    • Professional HTML-experts may also use HTML-tags like 'table' for structuring content units.
    • Parallel, at least 3 evaluation/test-reports from other Students should also be reached in about the last variant of the translation.

Offers during the courses

2:1-Task: Please, collect each offer from each diary, discussion-page, QuILT-page, learning material and also from advanced tests!


  • Could have each offer the same complexity-index-value? (https://miau.my-x.hu/mediawiki/index.php/QuILT-IK057-Diary#Equilibrium_of_offers)
  • Has the offer-based learning the same complexity-level as the standard way for learning (see: diaries)
  • Has each each offer-based learning the same complexity-level as the standard way for learning (see: diaries)
  • Can be spoken about increased efficiency based on customized learning (=offer-based learning) compared to the standard way for learning?

Everybody may offer new suggestions for offers and/or fine tune the above mentioned initial interpretations!